From signature cocktails, to bridal gowns and getting married by a ship Captain as opposed to an ordained priest, wedding quirks are a dime a dozen today. Lovepear Photography has been the official photographer at plenty of such events, and if you looked online, you will see a great deal of unique creativity going into these hallowed ceremonies. People are slowly moving away from the stuck up traditional ceremonies with a church, a photo session and a reception. Today you will see pauses that you can only imagine made the portrait photographer laugh his/her head off. From people pretending to crowd surf and brides carrying their grooms over the threshold instead, we have completed turned these proceedings up side down. With that in mind, here are some simple, yet quirky wedding decoration ideas that will both make your big day stand out and save you some money while you are at it.

1. Paper Flowers Instead of A Bouquet

The brides bouquet and the flowers that make part of the whole decoration are a very huge part of the ceremony. They also tend to cost a great deal. If you are quirky enough, instead of going with live flowers, why not commission some talented paper artist to recreate your desired bouquet in paper form? These look really nice, last much longer than real flowers and cost so much less.

2. Using Embroidered Hoops As Decoration

As mentioned earlier, wedding decorations can be very expensive. But if you have a creative mind, you can simply use your theme colors and embroider some hoops to hand at the venue. These look amazingly brilliant when the light hits them. Additionally, they are very easy to make, cost almost nothing and are a nice way for you and your decorating party to bond.

3. Give Sparklers To Your Wedding Party

This is purely from a photographic perception. If you hand out sparklers to your wedding party, who are then to light them up and hold them high as you get your photos taken, you will have some of the most majestic portraits ever! Think about it, it is fun, cheap and it brings out the kid in every one of us. A brilliant way to celebrate such a special day.

As Kent wedding photographers who have been in the UK photography scene for a while now, we can say with some authority that the quirkier your wedding decorations the better and more unique your wedding portraits will appear. So feel free to be as creative as you want when it comes to wedding decorations. Find also the best wedding photographer Tonbridge.